Malaysia’s Got Scandal – Season 2 Semifinals - Full Performance

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Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Semifinals - June 2016

After enthralling audiences last year with the Allan Perera Giggle Charity Show, comedian Allan Perera presented yet again another hysterical evening featuring his collection of bizarre characters, armed with their supercilious and ridiculous social and political commentaries.

These hilarious parodies, accompanied by comedic lyrics, entertained the crowd to the max! The MALAYSIA'S GOT SCANDAL Season 2 Semifinals featured the winner of Season 1 "Mr Elvis Tan", transgender undercover agent "Sex in the Siti", Bangladeshi Malaysian-citizen wanna-be "Basha Abdul Malik" and the President of Koperasi Mana Duit Bailout (MDB) "Encik Wan Bedek Wan Temberang".


Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Semifinals ~ Photo
Wednesday night: You were an awesome crowd!
Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Semifinals ~ Photo
Thursday night: Thanks for coming by!
Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Semifinals ~ Photo
Friday night: Counter-clockwise from top-left: Allan Perera, Elvis Tan, Sex in the Siti, Basha Abdul Malik, and Encik Wan M.D.B.


Undeniably the best entertainer. Simply awesome Allan👏 Ramesh Ramachandran
thoroughly enjoyed the slick non stop performance Phek Choo Cheah
You were just awesome Allan G. Perera 👌🏻 Jaspal Sekhon
Enjoy every bit of it...really hilarious and scandalous... Sharmini Sharine Thanabal
My first time and was truly amazed he is one of a kind i am sure there will never be another ALLEN PEREIRA..... Lydlia Ganesan
It was great. I just didn't stop laughing. Brilliant. Thanks Allan. Veronica Kulatissa
NOBODY CAN DO IT LIKE YOU DO ALLAN PERERA! God bless you for the joy you bring! My troop and I had a rip roaring great night!! Stella Doris Fernandez
Allan is actually A World Class and Rare Breed of Talented Real Life Comedian! At International level he should do musical comedy and could outshine any comedians! Yesudas Snalthan

Charities Involved

Proceeds from this show went to the Sri Lankan relief fund set up by Brickfields Asia College after the precedeng month’s floods washed out communities, misplaced hundreds of thousands and left more than 100 dead.

"I can use my shows to raise relief funds. That’s what I want to do, that’s what I enjoy doing." ~ Allan Perera

Sri Lankan Relief Fund

In the News

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Malay Mail, June 15, 2016: Perera's Scandalous Guises
Malaysiakini, June 15, 2016: Comedy on 'Wan MDB' and 'Sex in the Siti'