Malaysia’s Got Scandal: Season 2 Finals – Watch & Download

Meet the Cast

elvis tan
Allan Perera is...
Elvis Tan
The winner of Malaysia’s Got Scandal Season 1 and 3rd Place Winner of the 1965 Kampong Simi Ipoh Elvis Contest, Elvis Tan tells the tale of how he managed to get into his Elvis costume after decades. He details how his multiracial friends--Colonel Kuldip, Ragunathan, and Raja Malik--help each other. Since the 1MDB Audit Report hadn't been released yet in 2016, he goes on to sing “Release It Quick” (Parody of “Kiss Me Quick” by Elvis Presley).
rukumani jones ap thomas thomas
Allan Perera is...
Rukumani Jones A/P Thomas Thomas
She is the incorrigible President of the Women Always Right (W.A.R.) Movement, and heads her W.A.R. centre where abused women of all races can find refuge and confidence. Born to a Kerala mother and a Malayali father, she’s on a mission to equip women to deal with their scandalous men.
wan mdb
Allan Perera is...
Encik Wan M.D.B.
Victorious from the semifinals, his prediction of Tun Dr Mahathir calling for a meeting with Anwar came true right after it was uploaded by his daughter and went viral on social media in 2016. For the finals, Encik Wan M.D.B. has come back with a song entry about the Malay Di-“lima”, as he is saddened by the Malay politics being divided into "5" parties in 2016--UMNO, PAS, PKR, Amanah, and Parti Bumi.
allan hosting malaysia's got scandal
And Your Host...
Allan Perera
Mr Allan Perera is tasked with the responsibility of making the show go smoothly and staying sane despite hosting such bizarre contestants on the show.

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🎵 + Hadi’s Lips (Parody of Lucky Lips by Cliff Richard)

🎵 Release It Quick (Parody of Kiss Me Quick by Elvis Presley)

🎵 + All About the Boss (Parody of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

🎵 The Viagra Song (Parody of Stand by Me by Ben E. King)

🎵 + Che Det Tribute (Parody of Enjit-Enjit Semut, folk song)

🎵 Apa Dah Jadi? (Parody of Apa Dah Jadi by S. M. Salim)

+ denotes songs that also appear in Malaysia’s Got Scandal: Season 2 Semifinals

Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Finals

Running time: (1 hour 47 minutes)
Parental advisory: Rated 18+ for several mature jokes.

Comedian Allan Perera presents a truly hysterical show featuring his collection of bizarre characters with their political satire and hilarious parodies that entertained the crowd relentlessly.

Malaysia's Got Scandal: Season 2 Finals featured 3 finalists...

(1) "Mr Elvis Tan" the hysterical Chinaman Elvis with an attitude

(2) "Rukumani Jones A/P Thomas Thomas" Chairperson & Chief Activist of Woman's Always Right (W.A.R.) movement

(3) "Encik Wan MDB" the President of Koperasi Mana Duit Bailout (M.D.B.) with his take on the local Malay political scene.

This shamefully scandalous and absolutely fabulous production received rave reviews from theatre-goers. And now you can own and watch the show from the comfort of your own home!

elvis tan performing
malaysia's got scandal crowd

Haha this guy is truly hillarious. One of a kind talent in Malaysia. Kudos! – Jessie Chelliah [1]


Allan is very good in every way! The choice of words are correct and it rhymes very well in the song! His singing skills are superb! More, more and more!! – Ricky Ng [3]

rukumani jones performing
malaysia's got scandal crowd

Alan Perera deserves every penny as he plays all 3 characters on the show. 4 counting himself as host! Rukumani Jones is my favourite – "I'm a double malayalee" 😂😂😂 – Riza Khan [4]

Loved Rukumani Jones!!! Thank you for a lovely laugh filled night😂😂😂 nailed it again! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼 – Jeyne Pathy Sarritzu [5]


wan mdb performing with dancers
malaysia's got scandal crowd

It was an excellent show & my friends & I loved it – Bharathi Naidoo [7]

Hahaha! Oh boy, Allen never failed to make me laugh --- allll da time! 😂 – ONG, Pei Jade [8]

Allan G. Perera, you're the only comedian I know who can deliver the same jokes again and again with such efficacy! Again, I nearly died laughing. – Stella Doris Fernandez [9]

allan and rukumani interview
malaysia's got scandal crowd

"Malaysia's Got Scandal" was a superbly hilarious comedy show by Allan Perera at PJ Live Arts earlier. Laughed my guts out; it was so good! – @jayjaydenis [10]

It was a real hilarious laugh-every-minute kind of show & so well executed. – Bharathi

Great show!!! My friends who were first timers laughed from start to finish. We all loved it. – Mei Chin

wan mdb iinterviewed by allan
malaysia's got scandal crowd

Go if you have not. Funny guaranteed! My husband and I and my son who turned 18 three days ago laughed ourselves crazy. Thanks, Allan G. Perera for such a marvelous show. – Ann Teoh [11]

Malaysians please watch this and enjoy....not many are aware..... impeccable Malay accent...Bravo – Muhd Rizal Abdullah [12]

Evolving Genius – Muhammad Abdullah [13]

allan perera singing thank you
allan perera singing thank you song

Don't mind watching a rerun..I'll laugh all over again!!!'re freaking hilarious!! – Chris Cheng Lai Peng [14]

Truly 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. You nailed it yet again! Can't wait for Season 3.... – Jeyne Pathy Sarritzu [15]

Fantastic show Allan G. Perera looking fwd to the next one👌🏻 – Jaspal Sekhon [16]

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