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Meet the Cast

Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Allan Perera is...
Allan usually performs comedy as one of his characters, but this is one of the rare times that he appears as Allan himself. He will touch on the top news of 2018: Effects of Malaysia's historical change of government, MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace’s infamous criticism of Malaysian chicken rendang, and more! So sit back as he makes you laugh--and think!
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Allan Perera is...
The Parody Man
Allan will also accompany himself on the piano, singing parodies such as...
  • “You Lost That Last Election”, parody of “You Lost That Loving Feeling”
  • “How Much is That Lawyer in the Courthouse?”, parody of “How Much is That Doggie in the Window?”
  • “Only If You’re Caught”, parody of “Only You”
  • “Her Favourite Things”, parody of “My Favourite Things”
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Allan Perera is...
Meet the Bluesman who comes from the deep heartlands of the Klang Valley. His parents from his kampung persuaded him to be a government servant. However, he left this job because it was too stressful for him and eventually settled as a laid back portrait painter in Central Market.
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Allan Perera is...
Rukumani Jones A/P Thomas Thomas
She is the President of Women’s Always Right (W.A.R.) Movement and the founder of the website Phukki Leaks (inspired by WikiLeaks). An influencer to women both locally and internationally, Rukumani loves giving advice to help ladies in their love life and in dealing with troublesome men. She also gives solid inspiration to her ladies by proving that women... can find anything!
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Allan Perera is...
Debit Trimakasihgam
Mr Debit Trimakasihgam is a very popular musician in Malaysia, whose friend Bluesman recommended him to perform on Allan’s show “Malaysia’s Got No Shame” despite Mr Debit’s booked schedule. Whilst getting his iconic afro a haircut, he got a call from Allan who further persuaded him. Drawing inspiration from a clip of T Rajendar, Mr Debit finalised his lyrics and appeared on the show with his new song.
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Special Appearance by...
Noor Aini
(Yes, it’s still Allan!) Noor Aini is the ever enthusiastic newscaster from the “Lat Tali Lat Tam Jom” online channel. Their latest program revealed the top 3 news stories in 2018 which catapulted Malaysia into international spotlight.
Malaysia's Got No Shame - Cast
Special Appearance by...
Basha Abdul Malik
Caught by surprise for a street interview by Allan’s Giggle reporter, Basha Abdul Malik explains why he looks different: He had to change his face and get a new passport because after performing in Allan’s past shows, he was caught by authorities and deported back to Bangladesh. After this experience, he’s a little more careful now...

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🎵 Malaysia’s Got No Shame (Parody of Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin)

🎵 Aduh Aduh Aduh Aduh Aduh (Parody of I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA)

🎵 Tuanku Started a Joke (Parody of I Started A Joke by Bee Gees)

🎵 You Lost That Last Election (Parody of You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers)

🎵 How Much Is That Lawyer at the Courthouse? (Parody of How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?)

🎵 [Work in Progress] I’ll Bite You Like a Nāy (Parody of Knife by Rockwell)

🎵 Only If You’re Caught (Parody of Only You by The Platters)

🎵 Flowers and Food (Parody of Roses Are Red by Bobby Vinton)

🎵 Matriculation (Parody of Congratulations by Cliff Richard)

🎵 Her Favourite Things (Parody of My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music)

🎵 Diamonds Were This Gal's Best Friend (Parody of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe)

🎵 Jangan Cakap Kotor (Parody of Apa Nak Dikato by Blues Gang)

🎵 Akhirnya Anugerah Dato’ David Arumugam (Parody of Sampaikan Salam Cintaku by Alleycats)

🎵 Bencinya Muzik Piracy (Parody of Surangani by Ceylon Manohar and Sekuntum Mawar Merah Sebuah Puisi by Alleycats)

Malaysia's Got No Shame

Malaysia's Got No Shame

Running time: (2 hours 10 minutes)
Parental advisory: Rated 18+ for a few mature jokes.

Right after Malaysia’s historical change of government in 2018, Allan briefly struggled with writer’s block because he just lost his main source material; what else was he supposed to write after that?

So whilst looking for ideas to write a new show, Allan was taken by surprise by Najib’s “Apa Malu Bossku” campaign in 2019, which gained massive popularity amongst his supporters.

Inspired, Allan came up with “Malaysia’s Got No Shame” from the operative word “Malu” or “Shame”, and wrote parody songs for the people that deserved a song!

He will be singing “You Lost That Last Election”, “How Much is That Lawyer in the Courthouse?”, “Only If You’re Caught”, “Diamonds Were This Gal’s Best Friend”, and more!

In addition to the songs, sit back and laugh as you watch Allan and his characters recap the top stories from April 2018 to May 2019 with an angle that can’t be found anywhere else!

Stories covered include: The effects of Malaysia's historical change of government, MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace’s infamous criticism of Malaysian chicken rendang, Sultan Muhammad V’s famous “Sila Duduk Jangan Lari” joke.

Staged to over 7000 people, “Malaysia’s Got No Shame” received warm reviews from showgoers nationwide.

Enjoy the full performance recording of the show and have a great laugh!

allan performing
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Awesome show! Full captures the shameless "bossku". Definitely recommend going for this show! – Brendan Lopez Michael [1]

Thank you for the wonderful show which we saw tonight. Touches the pulse of today’s Malaysian politics and full of humour. We saw it tonight. – Raj Kumar [2]

Malaysia's greatest genius in entertainment... and socio-political satire. – Koon Hong Yap [3]

allan performing on keyboard
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Thanks Allan for a great show! I laughed till I lost my voice 😆 my daughter loved it too 👍 everyone should go watch it! Truly Malaysian – Sandra Ghouse [4]

Malaysia's best comedian....natural and down to earth guy...well written scripts, absolute talent...keep it up!! – Lila Judi [5]

👏👏👏#MalaysiasGotNoShame truly presents a different (unique) touch to #standup #comedy. From the witty + en pointe contents to the song arrangements and brilliant lyrics --- I am sooooooooo happy i manage to catch the show tonight! Laughed till i teared, siut! :DDD – ONG, Pei Jade [6]

allan performing grand piano
malaysia's got no shame crowd

He is talented..not just about the comedy...he can sing and dance and play the piano...feeling stress?... watch Alan! – Cynthia Chong [7]

True talent.Great show. Thanks for making us laugh out loud. – Caroline Patricia Simon [8]

My Dad and Uncle had a fantastic time. Looking forward to your next show! – Premila Kanapathy [9]

allan singing while on keys
allan performing

Truly awesome! Had a very good laughter!! 👍👍👍 – Uma Ramasamy [10]

Awesome. I really had a gud laugh. Stress free after listening to d song . Can we have some more of it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 – Davinder 26051957 [11]

An awesome show... We laughed until we cried. Kipidap Allan Perera and the team! Looking forward for more shows! Worth every dollar. – Karan Subramaniam [12]

bluesman performing
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Bluesman is legend – Simon Templer [13]

Love bluesman. Really enjoyed the show. – Khoo En Szee [14]

Laughter is indeed the best medicine! Thank you to the multi-talented Mr Allan Perera for the giggles all night long!👍🏼😬😉 – Sharmila Angoosamy [15]

bluesman performing
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Awesome show as we ‘rolled’ with so much laughter my gfs & me. It was first time for us at ur live show. Simply Wonderful 😁 thank you & God bless. – Jennifer Ramanair [16]

Mr Allan I seriously can't stop watching your shows😂 – M .A [17]

Couldn't stop laughing. Definitely one of his best – Veronica Kulatissa [18]

bluesman performing
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Rukumani and the Bluesman has to be the winners , thumbs up😜 – Goh Seng Kui [19]

You r an Icon for comedy..Bluesman,wow it was so so good..Rukumani 👏👏Bangla Kole Veri video superb. U r d MAN – Imbaraj Nadarajah [20]

This guy is a genius!! – Narim Byof [21]

rukumani jones stand up
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Thank you for a great show loaded with zany humour from the start to the end. Though tired from a busy weekend, glad to have caught the show. Loved all the different acts but I must say Madam Rukumani was a hit for me. So garang and the Phukki Leaks...hahaha! Thanks for such an awesome time! – Min Grace Wah [22]

U nailed it bro. We laughed until we cried. Such a great entertainer. Thank you for the awesome show. Great job and keep it up. Looking forward for more Rukumani Jones show. God bless you ❤️ – Hashini Sreetharan [23]

Awesome Roaring Night!…Rib cracking alright! Esp Ms.Rukumani Jones Thomas!💕...Bring on more! – Jayanthi Seevaratnam [24]

rukumani jones stand up
rukumani performing

I love Ruku!! She cracked me up so much I nearly fell off the seat! A fantastic show it was!! Hope there will be more to come – Lita Shana [25]

Her expressions! Omg spot on!! I laughed until i had no more facial muscles to use – Melanie Athalia [26]

Allan! Not only giggles but usually hilarious, damn hysterical at times. What it is to discover my stomach muscles again (cramping, and in a good way:). Thanks for a wonderful, inventive, irrepressible evening of amazing talent, hard-won experience, impeccable timing and observation. (Pls give my love to Rukumani, first among equals:) Thank you!! – Ann Lee [27]

debit trimakasihgam performing
malaysia's got no shame crowd

Thank you so much! Hubby and I absolutely loved it. The tribute to Loga and Alleycats was truly beautiful. Thank you! – Cynthia Arul [28]

Your show was wonderful. In fact I did not expect it to be so good. The last I saw you was with Indi Nadarajah a few years ago. You must definitely inform me of you next show by email. It was very good of you to have highlighted David Arumugam and what Gobind Singh should do for talented Malaysian entertainment artistes at his ministry and RTM. It was also heartening to know that your shows were also for charities, indicating your thoughts for the less fortunate in our society.Wishing you and your team the very best for the excellent production and the best comedy show I have seen。 – Rajahram Ramalingam [29]

debit trimakasihgam performing
david arumugam and allan perera

Laughter the best medicine. Go watch regrets. Dato David Arumugam was there today with his family – Gowry Thambirajah [30]

You are a Malaysian Treasure! – Navin B [31]

Been to the show last Wednesday, I'd have been laughing all night during the show. Definitely a must go ! If whoever is still deciding to go or not to go, I'd say just go for it ! You won't be disappointed with the show. Thanks Allan for the fantastic performance and shows ! – Tan Jeremy [32]

The Full Show (2 hours 10 minutes)

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