Laugh Your Mask Off – Livestream Replay – Digital Release

About the Show

"Funnyman Allan Perera brings hot-off-the-press new work online with cheeky trolling and timely satire to raise a laugh at troubling times like these. His latest self-penned comedy revue, ‘Laugh Your Mask off’, is poised to make a new kind of merry with race, politics and pop culture. From witticism to zany impressions, Perera’s material delivers a sassy, topical comedy that upends and expands the nation’s sociopolitical conversation." -


"Duh" Late Debate

The show will feature the return of "Duh" Late Debate which was aired on NTV7 in 2004, featuring Allan's hysterical characters Prof. Dr. Fakeer Zaik, Rukumani Jones A/P Thomas Thomas and YB Saudara Kam Mun Ting.

Rukumani Jones

President of W.A.R. (Women Always Right)

Saudara Kam Mun Ting

The longest suspended opposition member of parliament

Prof Dr Fakeer Zaik

Internationally-banned author and world-renowned speaker

KG Lesson

Law consultant to "Duh" Late Debate

Hosted by Allan Perera

Other Cast Members

Allan Perera is...
Basha Abdul Malik
International superstar foreign worker Basha Abdul Malik is under lockdown in the boondocks of Bangladesh. His agent/"boss" calls and has a conversation with him in Malay on how he's doing after Covid obstructed his assignment to get 1 million Bangladeshi workers into Malaysia.
elvis tan
Allan Perera is...
Elvis Tan

Elvis Presley impersonator Elvis Tan shares his MCO lockdown experience in three segments: The Shock Arrived, Trauma and Strife, and Drama of Life.

He will also end each segment with an Elvis Presley song - MCO edition. Don't miss this special release to entertain you this MCO!

Allan Perera is...

The sudden and unexpected demise of the present MP for Sungai Leda Zepalina came as a shock not only to its constituents but also to parliamentarians alike. Amidst the procedures to holding a by-election .. there is a buzz in the air... the emergence of a new “un-expected” candidate...the nephew of the late MP..

Allan Perera is...
This Malay rocker cum portrait artist "Bluesman" joins Elvis Tan on stage and asks Elvis to teach him an English joke for the "Giggle Joke Challenge".
Allan Perera is...
Debit Trimakasihgam
Malaysian legendary musician Debit Trimakasihgam finally caught his friends Bluesman and Elvis Tan in one stage and joins in the fun.
Allan Perera is...
Parody Man
Parody Man returns to sing some highly-demanded songs about an ex-Prime Minister and his significant other.

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...from our first run in November...

The Full Show (90 minutes)

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