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Meet the Cast

Allan Perera is...

Isabella is a well-known Malay fashion designer who pays a visit to her aunty Thawi, a very close family friend, with an invitation to her mother's birthday party. The casual meeting eventually reveals an old secret, much to Isabella's surprise and horror.

Allan Perera is...

Loga, the infamous lawyer, frequents the Oblong Bar daily, where he meets his "other half", Singam. Together they discuss politics, social, and club matters while consuming copious amounts of whiskey. He has a wicked sense of humour and at times no sense of decorum... when drunk.

Indi Nadarajah is...

Thawi is a typical conservative Ceylonese housewife and also an old classmate of Mertle. If she is not gossiping on the phone, she's home-cleaning, cooking, praying, taking care of her husband, and arguing with Mertle. Thawi is the "goody two-shoes" but nonetheless enjoys the company of the straight-talking and adventurous Mertle.

Indi Nadarajah is...

Singam is also a senior lawyer who frequents the Oblong Bar daily. He is normally the voice of reason and compromise in his daily chore of handling his drinking-mate, Loga, as they attempt to comment on every issue of life—past, present, and future.

Allan Perera is...

Mertle Rodrigo is of Eurasian descent and practically grew up with Thawi, living in the same neighbourhood. She's the complete opposite of Thawi, with a personality that is outlandish, outspoken, outgoing, and generally out-of-order.

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Comedy Court Rally On

Comedy Court ~ Rally On

Running time: (2 hours 11 minutes)
Parental advisory: Rated 18+ for several mature jokes.

Comedy Court's "Rally On" entertained and tickled audiences with its clever and witty social satire. The two-week run sold out quickly, and we had to add two more days to the run to keep up with the demand!

The story centered around Thawi's unfortunate visit to the temple, not knowing that it was the planned day thousands of people would flock to the centre of town in support of the BERSIH 3.0 Rally.

As she related her experience being trapped in the Rally to a number of people during the course of her day... her story changed and developed into something completely different... and snowballed eventually into an ending that blew the minds of the audience.

The legendary comedic duo of Allan Perera & Indi Nadarajah played 5 characters altogether. Audiences enjoyed the banter between Mertle & Thawi and the Oblong Bars lawyers Loga & Singam.... and newcomer fashion designer Isabella.

The full show is available for purchase and download in Full HD quality!

rally on crowd

Already purchased the full content! One of the best comedy show that my husband & I never missed..they are really funny – Sathya Bama [1]

Loved the downloaded show! Love from Louisiana. It was hilarious. "These fellas all muthaals" – Sapna’nJames McManus [2]


thawi and isabella
rally on crowd

These two guys are really hilarious just love their jokes. Well done. – Majorie Anthony [4]

Seriously all Malaysians should get a copy of their videos...what they say is so totally correct...🤣🤣🤣 – Gary Speldewinde [5]

I’m in America. 🇺🇸👵🏻 I don’t understand what this is all about but I’m glad that YouTube recommended it to me. Everyone likes to laugh, and this is funny! It reminds me of the British comedy “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” from the 1970s! 🌹 – Sharon Keith [6]

mertle and thawi
rally on crowd

"Chinese they never had a open house.. Just throw away oranges & bring Tupperware.."" I just cant stop laughing la bro.. Well done Thawi & Mertle.. You’re the best.. – Ahmad Hamadi [7]

Hehe..So cute la these aunties. Can I go to your Deepavali open house? Pleaseeee..I promise, no Tupperware. Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian – Syahrul Nizam [8]

Too good, too funny, too from San Fran,Cal. A friend sent me one skit a few months ago and now I'm crazy for these guys. Thank you gentlemen for so many laughs! – madhu [9]

loga and singam
rally on crowd

I bought the whole thing including the album. I enjoyed it and laughed my ass off and so did my family. Comedy Court never fails to make me laugh. My survival kit through law school till today. Worth every cent spent. Tq guys. Waiting for your next special anxiously. ❤ – Jittinderbal Singh [10]

Haha woww nice to see n hear that wonderful natural malaysian accent frm them . Good humorous act enjoyed it. – Carbon Hydrates [11]

Its so refreshing to watch you both...amazing jokes, so down to earth n so naturally malaysianly flavored...n great treat after a stressful day🤣 – renuga raman [12]

loga and singam
loga and singam with crowd

These guys are them to bits...without a doubt they are the funniest act in Malaysia...always have and always will be...keep it coming guys... – ALWEE ASWAD MOHD ISKANDAR [13]

Watched them live at PM Arts Studio....and this. this guys just rocked!!! 🙂 – Kassey Parimala [14]

Best comedians in Malaysia. – Patrick Tan [15]

mertle and thawi closeup
loga and singam

Simply superb. International standard comedy. Can laugh your heart out cos it’s a real life situation story. Something like fresh Prince of bell air. Just love the comedy. Congrats guys – Kavita Rani [16]

Evergreen, 2020 I'm watching again 😀 – Arun TV [17]

😁😎😎😎..l just love these two....down to earth...full of facts even though in a joking manner they hit the nail right on the heads of dreamers!!!👍👍👍👍 – Stella Noel [18]

thawi watching gandhi
thawi phone call

We went and watch good 😍😍😍 – Daljit Bhullar [19]

This is not a standard comedy in malaysia...but an international standard of comedian congratt... – Fairuz Mustaffa [20]

Watched this many times and I still laugh like crazy!!! – Sarah Jackson [21]

100 percent fake news channel
wong distributing drinks

Best Comedy on the planet right now.. – BaRrie AhMed [22]

Repeatedly watching I still laughing😝. Love ❤️ both of U. – Norain Omar [23]

I wish I had gone to their live show when I was in Malaysia. They are hilarious la.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 – Atif Mughal [24]

rally on crew
rally on group photo with fans comedy court

I have never laughed so much in my life. I was falling off my chair. Superb. The two actors were fantastic. I enjoyed it so much more because I grew in India and could identify with the conversation. Keep it up and please post more parodies like this. Thanks. – Succourtash [25]

The characters are real characters just like your next door the people you meet in your daily life. In that sense you can relate to them and the situation. It is brilliantly crafted as to no one from any background would or should be offended by the jokes. Just like Dato' Lat's cartoons.. where you can talk about each others' s culture without any offence. Everything is in goodwill. – Maizura Bsar [26]

When the curtains are drawn and you are left to yearn for more...that's when you know that it's a brilliant performance. This is one of them performances. Kudos!! :-) – Shari Da Baity [27]

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Charities Involved

For Giggle’s 2017 production of Rally On, the best seats in the house, i.e. VIP and VVIP seats, for eight show dates, are in support of the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), which aims to deliver lifespan services to the community of persons with autism.

The other four show dates are dedicated to these charities and NGO’s: My Shining Star Foundation, Cricket Kuala Lumpur, Oliray Enterprise [Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Trinity Selangor, Yayasan Perpaduan Rakyat Malaysia (YPRM), Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Artists (NGO)], District Grand Lodge of the EA, and Grace Assembly PJ.

My Shining Star Foundation
Cricket Kuala Lumpur
Oliray Enterprise
Grace Assembly
District Grand Lodge of the EA

In the News

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