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Comedy Court - Happy Endings

Meet the Cast

YB Kg Cucuk Dalam
Allan Perera is...
YB Kg Cucuk Dalam
Immediately after losing to the opposition during the most recent 14th General Elections in 2018, this YB reminisces the good ol’ days where they could do the “N.A.J.I.B.” (No answer, Avoid at all costs, Just ignore, I wasn’t aware, Buat tak tahu). He later discusses with his friend YB Batang Terajang how they both actually spend government funds to help the society.
YB Kg Batang Terajang
Indi Nadarajah is...
YB Batang Terajang
This YB doesn’t mind sleeping in the Dewan Rakyat parliament because he has instructed the cameraboy who is from the same village not to capture him on camera. His friend YB Kg Cucuk Dalam recommended him to become the new Minister of Rural Development and so for the first time he was forced to be on camera.
Allan Perera is...
A brave Bangladeshi who has lots of experience working in Malaysia. He currently works as a petrol station attendant and educates fellow Bangladeshi Mahfuz on Malaysian culture and history, inspiring him with stories of how other immigrants learned to survive and thrive in Malaysia.
Indi Nadarajah is...
Mahfuz just arrived in Malaysia several weeks ago and therefore has little experience on how to survive. Nicknamed “Speedy”, he tries to catch up, as he wishes to marry a Malay girl one day. Still learning how to be fluent in Malay, he looks to Basha for advice and comfort to endure being scolded by his bosses.
executive spa TK
Indi Nadarajah is...
T.K. thinks his gentle ways of tackling girls are better than T.C.’s rougher methods, before T.K. gets a call from his daughter and worries about boys trying to tackle her. He gets many forwarded Whatsapp messages about Jho Low, which arouses his frustration and causes him to rant about Jho’s alleged philandering.
executive spa TC
Allan Perera is...
Whilst waiting for T.K. at the Executive Spa, Chinaman T.C. bumps into “Lisa de Inn” who is providing a massage service at the spa. Recognizing her from a popular dance group, he plans a sneaky surprise. He also explains why Jho Low is actually a very smart bugger, despite making some obvious mistakes that exposed him.

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Comedy Court - Happy Endings

Comedy Court - Happy Endings

Running time: (1 hour 14 minutes)
Parental advisory: Rated 18+ for mature jokes.

Immediately after the 14th General Elections, Comedy Court’s Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah star in a political satire as YB Kg Cucuk Dalam and YB Batang Terajang who figure out what to do as their party had just lost an election for the first time in history.

Allan and Indi also return as classic characters T.C. and T.K. (Executive Spa), two talkative Chinamen, in a skit that has a “Happy Ending”.

You’ll also meet new characters, foreign workers Basha and Mahfuz, who discuss their recent migration to Malaysia and pour insight into how foreign workers can live and thrive in this country.

Have a "Billion Dollar Whale" of a time with the show and may you laugh out loud with us!

parliament scene
YB Kg Cucuk Dalam

Long may you guys continue to enliven our lives with your spot on caricaturization of so many things 🇲🇾. Precision timing, too funny for words characters, great improvisation and skill far, far above the Malaysian general expectation. Long may you live and perform. – Simon Evanson [1]

their impression game is insane. I lose it when they do impersonations of ur typical Malay Dato' – Imran AlJahsyi [2]

I am a Singaporean but can still identify with the accent and body language which is distinctly our part of the world – Kk Cheng [3]

YB Kg Batang Terajang

What natural & fantastic co ordination ! Hats off to the guys. – sumanth krishnan [4]

Best Malaysian comedians. Love to watch their acts. Best wishes guys. – Alaga Suvaran [5]

This so damn lit tv shows! This is what should be on air by our mainstream national tv station. Salute! – Dale Aziz [6]

basha and mahfuz
basha and mahfuz

Creative! we want more. Keep it up boys.- Sany Kamal Deen [7]

the indians hv an inborn talent in.comedy....just like d mamak borias, the late zainal alam, m. zain of the funny movie labu labi....they hv a natural flair of cracking jokes and comedy – Silver Bells [8]

Phenomenal stage actors – farrel mukhesh [9]

exective spa happy endings
paper dolls happy endings comedy court

Close ur eyes n u think 2 chinese uncle talking – Lee wee tak [10]

The bad boys of amazing Malaysian comedy ! – Vishal Jain [11]


exective spa happy endings
executive spa comedy cort

Close Ur eyes and u will thinks it's really one Chinese uncle. Insane talent Alan! Comedy court all the way – Mohanaraj Balakrishnan [13]

Hilarious and funny jokes coupled with a bits of vulgarity slang in common conversations as ordinary malaysian usually communicated. luv it! – Raymond Kkee [14]

Amazing how a simple ordinary conversations of us Malaysians when presented in a performance by true comedic talents can bring us all closer together. These two legends deserves to be on their own special on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon. Thank you guys for being our society's reflection so that we can laugh at ourselves through your skits.. – LightMagic Image Media [15]

The Full Show (1 hour 14 minutes)

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