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Meet the Cast

Allan Perera is...
A club-going lawyer, Loga only has one handphone which his sister bought for him so he can call his mother. This time, he is in trouble because whilst at the club urinal, he got startled, turned around and accidentally urinated on the club president. Now he is in fear he might be suspended. To make matters worse, he got into a small accident that made him come to the club late, something which he never does.
Indi Nadarajah is...
Another lawyer and club frequenter, Singam this time has to stay back at the club yet again to help out with Loga’s misendeavours. He manages to convince his wife, Mimi, to book a “Grabcar” for her mother so he can stay on to comfort and advise Loga, eventually drafting a letter to the committee in hopes that Loga will not be suspended.
executive spa tc
Allan Perera is...
Chinaman T.C., who frequents the Executive Spa, not only knows a lot of alternatives to expensive overseas education for T.K., but also is very knowledgeable in the world of online dating, which he took night I.T. classes at a local college in order to transition from “fishing net” to “internet” so he can “fish” online.
executive spa tk
Indi Nadarajah is...
T.K. is also a typical Chinaman with three kids. Over the phone, he advises his straight A daughter who wishes to further her studies in the UK and also urges her to bring along her brother to an upcoming concert. Eventually, T.K. got intrigued by T.C.’s newfound online dating experience, and guess what T.K. does next?
Indi Nadarajah is...
Thawi is a typical conservative Ceylonese housewife and also an old classmate of Mertle. This time, Thawi’s niece is getting married to an Eurasian. But when it turns out that this Eurasian is Mertle’s churchmate Margaret De Andrez’ son.. boy, is Thawi in for a shock!
Allan Perera is...
Mertle is of Eurasian descent and practically grew up with Thawi. This time, Mertle is amused because Thawi’s niece is engaged with an Eurasian that Mertle knows! It isn’t long before they both discover some previously unknown secrets about each spouse-to-be and decide to do something about it!
tan sri nasti
Allan Perera is...
Tan Sri Nasti "The Stick" Azeez
Right before the 14th General Elections in May 2018, this MP from UMNO is caught by reporters who are waiting outside a conference with lots of questions about rumours of UMNO and PAS working together. He explains that it is “half-baked” news and cleverly answers their other questions about Pakatan Harapan’s logo being rejected by the Registrar of Societies.
dato seri shadi
Indi Nadarajah is...
Dato' Seri Shadi Bawang
Second to exit the conference, this MP from PAS unsuccessfully tries to evade the same reporters and gets blasted with similar questions, so he reads from a printed statement, which unfortunately the reporters realize was the same printed statement that Tan Sri Nasti read earlier. After Dato’ Seri struggles in answering the tricky questions, he finally manages to escape by distracting the reporters.
reporter indi
Special appearance by Indi Nadarajah as...
Nan Yang Siang Pao reporter
This Chinese reporter has a burning question for Tan Sri Nasti about UMNO working with Mainland Chinese vs Malaysian Chinese. It is revealed that this reporter is also in the used cars business and only reporting part-time because of all the fake news.
reporter allan
Special appearance by Allan Perera as...
Legal reporter Haniff Khatri
This reporter has a very tricky question for Dato’ Seri Shadi about whether PAS’ split from Pakatan for the May 2018 14th General Elections is intentional or not, which Dato’ Seri struggles to find words to answer.

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Comedy Court - 20th Anniversary Show

Running time: (2 hours 14 minutes)
Parental advisory: Rated 18+ for some mature jokes and subjects.

After 20 years since Comedy Court first graced the comedy scene, the highly-acclaimed comedy duo of Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah staged their classic characters (Loga and Singam, Mertle and Thawi, and T.K. and T.C) to a sold-out crowd of 7000 showgoers.

The road to 20 years was an adventurous one. Allan actually was playing keyboards in a local band. However, Allan’s stint as a musical director of the Instant Cafe Theatre group in the early 1990s led to change. There, he met theatre actor Indi and also comedian Harith Iskander, who “conned” Allan into acting.

“Harith told me that he only needed me to be piano player on a TV show that he was directing called Bendul (a local spin on Mr Bean in the 1990s). When I turned up for the shoot Harith dumped a line on me,” recalls Allan.

Eventually, Allan got comfortable with acting and he went on to form Comedy Court with Indi in 1997. Their first show was at The Actors Studio in Dataran Merdeka that year. And there’s been no looking back.

Also, Allan and Indi won the Boh Cameronian Arts Award for ensemble acting for their performance in The Importance Of Being Earnest in 2002 for their roles as Gwendolen Fairfax and Lady Bracknell respectively.

“The characters they came up with have become legendary and remain eternal because they are so based on truth and truth is often very funny.” - Harith Iskander.

loga and singam
comedy court crowd

Hi Mr Allan, I just learn about you guys today but I'm already in love with your performance. – Joe Yabuki [1]

It was a riot! I almost fell off my seat laughing!!! Not a dull moment. So brilliant! I thank God for them. So classy! – Regina Morris [2]

Malaysia's Best Comedy Duo.Nobody else comes near ! (Period). – Hamdan Abdul Jamal [3]

executive spa
comedy court crowd

Loved it so much life that we went a couple of times! Well done guys! – Michael Chan [4]

Congratulations for 20 years of laughs! It was great to see all the famous characters!!! – Malati Devi Chhetri [5]

Both of them deserves the Nobel Peace award for unifying Malaysians with Jokes – Saundararajan Manickam [6]

mertle and thawi
comedy court crowd

The OG Onion Aunties 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️👌🏾Absolutely golden 🤣🤣🤣 – Annabel Christian [7]

No one can replace this combo.. IT'S THE BEST NOW AND FOREVER 👍👍👍 – Mademoiselle SM [8]

Watching from Sri lanka. Brings back memories. We lived in Malaysia once. They were the best times. Keep it up. Thank you for the entertainment. – Nedra Wickremeshinge [9]

loga and singam
loga and singam

Amazing how the chinese uncle in the background can still keep a straight sober face – Mike Seiko [10]

The Malaysian version of Key & Peele. Love them!! – Muhammad Shafiq [11]

My daughter, my sister, my niece and I went for the show. Laughed so much, it was a great show. Enjoyed the time there. – Elizabeth De Rozario [12]

executive spa
comedy court crowd

Indi does an amazing impression of a typical older chinese male – just like my friends. Speaks the exact way with similar body language. LOL! – Kevin David [13]

Hi Mr Allan..Prasath here..I am really a die hard fan of you and your comedy..Never miss a day without your plays..Really a energy booster..Good luck and give us more laughter..Tq – Prasath Nambiar [14]

Amazing acting.... doesn’t even look like acting at all... Absolutely love it... – Ian Bryant [15]

mertle and thawi
mertle and thawi

Watching from the UK this is excellent. Very funny. Great seeing cultural differences to bring us together through comedy. – Musicosis [16]

OMG!! This is hilarious!! The best comedy show.. love u guys❤️❤️❤️ – STV Spice&Sweet [17]

Down to earth. Mimicking and mannerisms of others are the best and taking up the feminine role. Hard work though. – Regina Bridget [18]

allan and indi performing singing
comedy court crowd

These guys are excellent and seriously they are almost always spot on in whatever they say and do! God bless! May u have many more years! – Philip Sta Maria [19]

God Bless you guys!!!!!!! Such supreme talent and dedication is rare and the sincerity in your craft is truly magnificent!!! I hope you will never give up!!!! – LightMagic Image Media [20]

I watched the live show! They are awesome and had a laugh with lots of fun! – Rahima Ibrahim [21]

allan and indi with fans
comedy court crowd house lights on

30 April @ 11pm – Just got home after experiencing the Magic of Allan and Indy. And the magic is still there after all these years. Enjoyed every skit. Thank you both for the laughter and pleasure you have given us all these years. BRAVO 👏 – Padmavathy Narenjee [22]

Tonight was the most entertaining and jaw aching night of comedy for me. Non-stop laughter, Rolling on the Floor type laughing. These guys are brilliant! I thank you, Indi and Allan, for the hours of work to bring us such great entertainment and to top it all great parodies with very meaningful messages! Not to be missed! You will regret if you do. They have extended to one more night. May 2nd. What some more you waiting for????? – Regina Morris [23]

The Full Show (2 hours 14 minutes)

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