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CreAsian Super Mix – Lyrics

1. Do That Indian Thing

Do that Indian thing, body, soul, and tabla swing
Do that Indian thing, listen to the sitar sing [Sitar section by Samuel J. Dass]

[Rhythmic vocals by Kirubakaran]
Come on, come on

2. Mustang Sally

[Intro with rhythmic vocals, backed by guitar and percussion, then slap bass]
[Horn section by Greg Lyons]

Mustang Sally, mmmm
I guess you better slow that Mustang Sally down, baby
I guess you better slow that mustang down
You’ve been a running all over town
I guess you got to put your flat feet back on the ground. (ride, Sally, ride)
Weepings eyes (ride, Sally, ride)

3. Where Angels Dwell

Those who dwell in the secret place of the Almigh…ty
They will rest in the shadow of the Most High

[Adlib vocals by Allan Perera]
[Sitar solo by Samuel J. Dass]
[Jazz section with trumpet solo by Coni Soliano]
[Sitar solo by Samuel J. Dass]
[Jazz section with trumpet solo by Coni Soliano]

4. Get the Picture?

Do you get the picture? (…get the picture …get the picture?)
It’s a living contradiction.

A newborn baby everybody loves
It’s the sweetest sight in the world
Distort the picture, show a starving child
You’ll see a many a heart turn cold

Do you get the picture? (…get the picture … get the picture?)
It’s a living contradiction.

5. Mindful

[Intro with acoustic and slide guitars by Jamie Wilson, tabla by Prakash Kandasamy, and ghatam by Kirubakaran]

There’s a chance that one can loose direction
To every calculated choice reaction
I have seen the depth a man can fall
And I have seen the image of God
(I’ve seen the image of God)

[Musical interlude with sitar by Samuel J. Dass]

…the spirit of your mind…

6. Sick Mind

[Intro with tambura and rhythmic vocals by Ram Gopal Sivadas, drums by Luke Mason, bass by David Ah Wah]

She can play the demon with her eyes
Seduction is her modas operandi

She knows when to surf the tide or take a dive
She’s a woman with a vengeance out on any man alive
Loves to turn her man on, then she runs and hides
She’s a cockadoodle teaser, she’s a heart-breaking mama
With a sick mind

7. Rice and Sambar

[Sitar and guitar duet by Samuel J. Dass and Jamie Wilson, with Kirubakaran on thavil]

[Epic Latin-Indian fusion outro]

8. Jo Joget Some Rock & Roll

[Intro with traditional Malay ensemble led by Zin Ngah. Instruments played: Accordion, gendang, gong, gambus]

[Electric guitar intro by Jamie Wilson]

The sun’s going down, it’s a quarter to nine
Deep in the country,
There’s some action tonight
They can sure swing a rhythm,
They can joget rock and roll you all night, ooooh

9. Be Mine Tonight

[Intro with guitar by Jamie Wilson]

Be mine tonight
Be mine tonight
Everything is gonna be alright
Be mine tonight

10. It’s Over

[Intro with rhythmic chant and tambura by Ram Gopal Sivadas]

Lord I pray for mercy, for what I’m about to do
But I can’t help it baby now, the devil’s on the loose
You see, I’ve been hearing voices, and now the wolf is at the door
You can save your tears now, they won’t save you anymore

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s over
La la la, la la la
Yeah yeah yeah, it’s over

Then you’ll realize,
when it cuts you down to size…

[Outro with electric keyboard by Allan Perera, and horns section]