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CreAsian Album

Get the Picture?

by Allan Perera & CreAsian2017

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10 tracks, 57 minutes of the Asian Experience

The word CreAsian comes from Allan's intention to "Create the Asian Experience" for mainstream music listeners, by blending Western genres such as pop, rock, funk, and R&B with Eastern ethnic music.

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CreAsian Musicians

Specially chosen by Allan Perera
Allan Perera
Vocals, keyboards
In 1976, Allan started off his career as a professional musician performing with some of the country’s top bands. Soon his strong and versatile voice made him a very popular talent for television and radio commercials. In 1999 he founded the CreAsian Band (World Music Ensemble), a 13-piece music ensemble featuring his compositions done in a East / West musical marriage format. Allan's bio
Samuel J. Dass
Sitar, santoor
Samuel represented Malaysia for the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. His dedication to his craft and musicianship eventually won him 7 gold medals and one silver medal there. Besides the USA, Sam has also performed in Australia, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, and India, and continue to do so till today. He has also released many solo albums featuring his classical and fusion compositions.
Jamie Wilson
An acclaimed and award-winning artist from Australia, Jamie relocated to Malaysia in the year 2000 and soon became of one Asia's top session guitarists. He has composed, arranged, and produced numerous albums and performed extenstively with Asia's top artists including Wang Lee Hom, Jacky Cheung, Leslie Cheung, Karen Mok, Elva, Sheila Majid, Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. He currently heads AkashA, one of Asia's top fusion bands.
Thavil, ghatam, tabla, ganjira, khartal
Kirubakaran is one of Malaysia's top thavil and ghatam players. A trained and accomplished Indian classical player and teacher, he branched into fusion music after being invited to join AsiaBeat. He has been featured in many Malaysian cultural shows like Merdeka celebrations. He later went on to perform with shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player John Kaizan Neptune. He currently performs with A.P.U. (Aseana Perussion Unit)
Prakash Kandasamy
Prakash has taught tabla at the Temple of Fine Arts for 18 years. His remarkable musicianship has won many awards: Siva Gopal Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts 1990 from the Temple Of Fine Arts Malaysia, Tokoh Seni Negeri 2003 from Penang State Government, Anugerah Seni Negara 2006 from Kementrian Kebudayaan Dan Warisan Malaysia, Cameronian Awards 2007 and 2009 for Best Solo Insrumentalist, and four gold medals at the World Champonship of Performing Arts Los Angeles 2006.
Ram Gopal Sivadas
Mridangam, tambura
Ram is the firstborn to Malaysian Indian Classical dance pioneers, the late Master Sivadas and Guru Vatsala Sivadas. He was fascinated by rhythm from an early age and picked up the art of playing the mridangam mostly by ear and through observation. Ram is married to Apsara who is an accomplished dancer and dance teacher. Ram now focuses mainly on providing rhythm accompaniment for Apsara’s or her students’ dance concerts. 2018 will mark the 50th year since Ram started playing the instrument.
Steve Thornton
Latin percussion
Originally a New Yorker, he has relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 1997. In the course of his formidable career he has performed for and recorded with world known artistes & musicians, including Miles Davis, Tania Maria, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, Michael Petrucciani, and many other internaional artists, as well as Malaysian artists Reshmonu, Dayang Nurfaizah, and Siti Nurhaliza, to name a few.
Luke Mason
Luke Mason is a very experienced and prolific studio sessions drummer, composer, and producer who has contributed his drumming, arrangements, and composiitions to many artists such as country singer Steve Azar, Taiwanese singer A-mei, and Hong Kong singers Karen Mok and Leslie Cheung. He has also composed for commercials by Toyota, Cadbury, KFC, and Coca-Cola. The awards he has won include Best Original Composition (Silver) at the Malaysian Video Awards 2010, Best Original Score at Adfest London, and many more.
Greg Lyons
Greg Lyons is a British saxophonist, composer, arranger, and teacher. Over the past decade he has operated mostly out of South East Asia. He has led bands involving most of the major jazz figures of the region, and appeared with many top Asian artists though he continues to record and tour in Europe. Not only did he play the sax for Get the Picture, but he also arranged the brass sections.
Coni Soliano
Coni is the son of the legendary jazz legend Alfonso Soliano, and has been performing with the Soliano family for the last 30 years. He is one of the most sought-after trumpet players in Malaysia.
David "Ah Wah" Yee
David is a talented and prolific bassist who has performed with many Malaysian bands, including Finders, AsiaBeat, Revolvers, Micheal Veerapan Quartet, Wind Jammers, Sudirman Tour Band, Paul Ponadurai Trio, Face First Band, Genting Arena of Stars band, to name a few. He has also done music work for television channels RTM and Astro. Sheila Majid, Siti Nurhaliza, M Nasir, and Jacky Cheung are among some of the artists he has played bass for.
Pacai a.k.a. Pacheye played bass on three songs from the album. However, he's much more than a bassist. He has composed more than 300 songs and produced countless albums for various renowned recording artists. He has performed in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, as well as Hong Kong, Cambodia, Tibet, Japan, and England. He has collaborated with Academy Award-winning artist A. R. Rahman.
Zin Ngah
Traditional Malay instruments
Zin Ngah has lectured at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU), and presently lectures at​ Akademi Seni & Warisan Kementerian Kebudayaan (ASWARA). He has led many Malay traditional ensembles and has won many awards for his contributions to the traditional Malay music genre.
Greg Henderson
Sound engineer
Greg Henderson was born in Sydney, Australia in 1966. In 1997 Greg was the Senior Engineer at Synchrosound Studios. Greg worked at Synchrosound on and off over the years that have followed, and during this time he has built up a reputation as one of Malaysia’s foremost record producers. Greg has been nominated 15 times for various AIM awards and has won 3 times.
Zairi Ariffin
Sound engineer
Zairi Ariffin was also a sound engineer for Synchrosound Studios in Petaling Jaya. He has done sound engineering work for some of the top Malaysian bands.
Gustavo Montalvo & Jeronimo Gorraez
Spanish vocals
These two singers were performing in a Mexican band that was travelling and performing in Malaysia, before Allan spotted and invited them to record the Spanish vocals on "Rice and Sambar".

The Story of CreAsian

And how it came to fruition
Another day at the recording studio in the year 1999
creasian-slideshow creasian-slideshow creasian-slideshow creasian-slideshow
The CreAsian Album was recorded from November 1999 to March 2000 at Synchrosound Recording Studios in Petaling Jaya, a $12 million, 25,000 sq. ft./ten-suite designed to provide a/v production services. The 1800 sq. ft. SSL 9000J Studio features a 20-ft. high live room ceiling that can host a 55-member orchestra, and is linked visually and electronically to the 1600 sq. ft. Capricorn Suite. Synchrosound provided the state of the art facilities needed to produce this sound engineering challenge, suitable in recording the 13-piece CreAsian Band project.

Allan Perera's interest into fusion music stemmed from the time he was involved in performing with early AsiaBeat band, led by Lewis Pragasam, in the early 80s.

The unique composition of Asian rhythms and instruments fascinated him and led him to eventually, many years later, record his dream album... "Get the Picture".

To fulfill his ambition, he met up with then up-and-coming Malaysian sitar player Samuel J. Dass in 1996 and convinced him to do a collaboration together. They spent the next four years learning from each other's musical disciplines: Samuel from South and North Indian musical forms, and Allan from Western musical genres.

Although there were already a few fusion bands in the 70s and 80s, such as Shakti, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Trilok Gurtu, and John Kaizan Neptune, to name a few, Allan felt these fusion bands, though brilliant and complex, lacked mainstream appeal.

Having that in mind, Allan began composing fusion music, making Western music forms (funk, jazz, rock, Latin, R&B) as the root base, and blended it with a variety of Southern and Northern Indian instruments and styles. And thus was born a new and original musical sound and experience... CreAsian.

The band, CreAsian, which means Creating the Asian Experience, was formed, and its members were handpicked to record the album. Personally funded by Allan, no expense was spared. It was recorded at Synchrosound Studios in Petaling Jaya, which was the best digital recording studio available. Recording started in November 1999 and ten songs were completed by March 2000.

After the completion of the album, Allan's mission was to get it published, but unfortunately, no record company wanted to support it, most of them stating that the music was too ahead of its time.

So, with no money left, Allan, frustrated and heartbroken, took to the life of comedy. Hahaha...

Hence, this album has been sitting on Allan's kitchen shelf for over 17 years and in the meantime, the world has been exposed to a barrage of international fusion music. So, why not now release the album the professionals said, had no market 17 years ago.

So hopefully now the world is ready...

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you... the CreAsian Band by Allan Perera.

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