Laughter with a Cause


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Laughter has many benefits. It brightens days, diffuses tension and reduces stress. Now, it can also help the less fortunate! This is all thanks to Giggle Charity, a new arts platform by well-loved Malaysian comedian Allan Perera, which will be all about giving.

“It is a unique platform for charities to raise money, while at the same time, giving the performance-going public top rated shows!” Perera says in a press statement.

Perera says 50% of all ticket sales proceeds from Giggle Charity would be donated to selected charities, orphanages and homes, raising significant sums of money for worthy causes across the country.

“With the support of sponsors, we can help to defray the expenses of production, allowing for tickets to be sensibly priced. The charities take 50% of the takings from the sale of the tickets. It’s a win-win situation!” he adds.