Singapore vs Malaysia: Who Is Funnier?


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JULY 5 — At Beerfest this year, some friends and I caught a special edition of the Singapore Comedy Club which promised to determine which side of the Causeway packed more of a punch when it came to laughter.

The four comedians — Rizal van Geyzel, Kavin Jay, Jinx Yeo and Fakkah Fuzz — were all hilarious and in the end the unscientific method of voting by applause declared Singapore the winner.

In the haze of friends, drinks and laugher — I cheered along but it got me thinking. Who is actually funnier? And I don’t mean laughing at but rather laughing with. Which of these two tribes has a better sense of humour?

So I too employed my own vote with a question posed in a busy WhatsApp chat with friends: Singapore vs Malaysia: Who is funnier?

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