Money for Funny – Grooves for Free


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KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — Inspirational comedian-musician Allan G. Perera never fails to challenge us to be as happy as sunlight, as wild as the sea and dream about how our lives could and should be.

His creed: the more good you do, the more intelligent things you say, think and do, the freer you’d be.

That’s stimulating philosophy from a celebrity humanitarian who pushes the belief that everyone should unknot their tongues and say things with crystal clarity.

Now he has moved a notch up by challenging us to embrace the companionship of the needy that would make us appreciate who we are.

Perera, 54, enters a new phase of his radiant career as an entertainer and it’s all about charity. His newest musical-comedy, Giggle Charity, opening July 1, is about giving.

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