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Comedy Court 20th Anniversary Show

Comedy Court - 20th Anniversary Show - 8pm - 24-27, 30 Apr; 1 May 2018

Staged at HGH Convention Centre

Can you believe it? It's been 20 years since Comedy Court first graced the comedy scene. What better way to celebrate its 20th Anniversary than to have Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah once again bring to life your favourite characters: Loga and Singam, Mertle and Thawi, T.K. and K.C. from Executive Spa, the two Malaysian MPs, and a few special surprises... Hold on to your seats as these wacky characters appear on stage once again to bring you a giggle-filled, rip-roaring night of non-stop laughter!

More details to come soon...

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About Allan and Giggle

Allan Perera, founder of Giggle Allan Perera, founder of Giggle

"Humor is an agent of change."~ Allan Perera, founder of Giggle

Giggle (M) Sdn. Bhd. is founded and headed by Allan Perera, best known for being one-half of Comedy Court. He has been entertaining people with music, comedy, and political & social satire for over two decades.

He noticed that while fundraisers are passionate about their causes, most don’t have the knowhow and resources to organize a successful event.

Therfore, he had an idea: To combine the passion of the fundraisers with his decades-long expertise, skill, and talent to organize and star in shows that sell out. Giggle was born.

Now, you too can raise funds for your cause in a highly successful and giggle-inducing way!

Giggle believes that laughter, comedy, music, and humor are each powerful elements which break through barriers of culture, creed, belief systems, stigmas, and even diseases.

Giggle would like to stress that using comedy, humor, music and laughter to enrich this world is really no joke.

If you’re a charity or organization, collaborate with us! If you’re a showgoer, do sign up below for email updates on exciting future Giggle-inducing shows by Allan!

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